The Graduate

Baby faced in a new suit… Colloquia from my first job in the insurance market:  “They’ll notice me soon…” I tell myself. My arm starts to seize up a little, nervous sweat patters along my brow. It’s been about 5 long minutes that I’ve been sat here, my arm reaching up into the air, anContinue reading “The Graduate”

Detail matters

The Core Data Record (CDR), facts and figures… There has been a lot of noise about Blueprint 2, Market modernisation and more recently the CDR. Those that know me have generously tolerated my pathological interest in this and my eternal ability to spout specifics, sometimes to a seemingly endless duration! This is not just becauseContinue reading “Detail matters”

The Changing Role of the Insurer and the Digital Market in the Face of Climate Change

Author: Maddie Webster-Harris The Changing Role of the Insurer and the Digital Market in the Face of Climate Change: With Lloyd’s chairman John Neal attending COP27 there is no denying that the warming climate brings with it new challenges for insurers to tackle. Insurers own nearly 10% of the world’s collective invested assets (1), 35%Continue reading “The Changing Role of the Insurer and the Digital Market in the Face of Climate Change”

Three Myths of London Market Digital Transformation

You’ve heard them before, right?  The naysayers with the same list of reasons why one, or all, of the current London Market initiatives will fail.  It’s the same list that has been doing the rounds, not just in recent years but for decades.  There have been initiative failures in the past but, this time, itContinue reading Three Myths of London Market Digital Transformation

Talent Tap running dry

…. and then there were none  Britain, Britain, Britain. Home of some of the greatest minds to ever grace this Earth. Alan Turing, Tim Berners-Lee, Charles Babbage, Clive Sinclair, the list goes on. Any guesses as to what links these Great Brits? Yes, they’re all pioneers in the computer sciences. But do you know whatContinue reading “Talent Tap running dry”

Placing Perfection Part 1

Seamless connectivity via industry standard technology is real and here today Headline Morning Data and Whitespace have successfully demonstrated that their industry-standard API-enabled technology is ready today for brokers to get on board and deliver on the promise of the Core Data Record (CDR): the #datafirst placing of insurance business seamlessly and efficiently into London,Continue reading “Placing Perfection Part 1”

Year of the C’s

2022 is fast unfolding as the “year of the C’s” 🔑 Change🔑 Cyber🔑 Covid🔑 Climate🔑 Culture🔑 Conflict🔑 Compliance🔑 CDR ….all of which being Challenges… And many Brokers will be struggling to see the wood for the trees on prioritizing anyone above the other, indeed many can interplay and affect others in the mix. Some mayContinue reading “Year of the C’s”

Welcome to the 2021 Morning Data round-up

First things first, happy holidays and we wish you a safe and healthy new year! After a very busy but productive year, we would like to take the opportunity to share with you an end-of-year debrief of the achievements that the team have accomplished over the last 12 months and to show off the hugeContinue reading “Welcome to the 2021 Morning Data round-up”

Hibernation is over

After 6 months in captivity, the doors have opened and I have been released upon the sunshine that is the Capital – metaphorical sunshine, of course, as it has rained almost every day that I have been in the office. Despite the typical British weather, moods have been lifted among the Morning Data team.    Personally, I couldn’t be happier to be in the office gettingContinue reading “Hibernation is over”